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Have your child try on school uniforms, sports kits and more in a luxe boutique setting designed to help discover the perfect fit.

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Charters Boutique

About Charters Boutique

Welcome to Charters Boutique, conveniently situated between the main entrance of the school and the Welcome Centre. Our boutique offers a luxurious environment where parents and students can easily walk in and try sizing samples of school uniforms, sports kits, house uniforms, and more.

Our boutique features spacious changing rooms, a comfortable sitting area, selfie podiums, a coffee station, and dedicated staff to ensure a stress-free and delightful experience. We are open Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for your convenience.

Discover Charters Boutique:

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Accessing the Boutique

Parents can access the boutique where their children can try on clothing samples with personal guidance from our expert staff. Thereafter, you can relax and order online at the boutique OR you can order from the comfort of your home on Ruff ‘n’ Tumble’s webpage.

Parents can then collect their child’s perfectly fitting clothes from the boutique or they can be conveniently delivered to their home!

Book an Appointment

We aim to make the Charters Boutique experience tailored exclusively for parents. Help us achieve this by booking an appointment in advance. This ensures a bespoke and seamless experience.

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About the School Uniform

At Charterhouse Lagos, our school uniforms aren’t just clothes; they’re a symbol of unity, discipline, and pride within our diverse learning community. Our carefully crafted uniform policy promotes these values while fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all students. Discover the complete uniform guidelines and see how our attire empowers your child to thrive at Charterhouse Lagos.

The quality, the testing, bespoke fabric, completely unique fabric, that cannot be used anywhere else, chosen for comfort, durability,

Click here to explore the Uniform Policy

Uniform Items

In alignment with the Uniform Policy we have carefully selected compulsory and optional uniform items for boys and girls.

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Ordering new uniforms

Charterhouse Lagos is delighted to partner with Ruff n’ Tumble, a leading Nigerian brand in premium children’s clothing. Together, we will ensure students arrive in style and comfort, wearing uniforms that reflect our heritage and our commitment to quality and excellence.

To order new uniforms, either >>

Visit the Charters Boutique to:

  • Try on sample uniforms.
  • Get personalised assistance to order the best fit uniforms directly from our partner → Ruff ‘n’ Tumble.
  • Pick up uniforms ordered. (Please note: Ordered uniforms can also be delivered straight to your home if you choose).

OR ↓

  • Visit the unique Charterhouse Lagos webpage on Ruff ‘n’ Tumble’s website.
  • Order the desired uniform items. The uniforms webpage is complete with sizing guides and images to guide selection.
  • Choose to get uniforms delivered to the Charters Boutique or straight to your home.

Find the Charters Boutique ↓


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Frequently Asked Questions

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