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Registration is now open for our Primary School. Parents interested in their child joining Charterhouse Lagos in September 2024 need to complete the registration form.


Admissions process

The Admissions process is now open. Once the admissions process is completed, including assessment, we will aim to respond with an outcome in 5 working days.

1. Register

Complete the registration form.

2. Apply

Following registration and validation that your child is eligible to apply, parents will be required to complete a comprehensive application form, submit the following documentation and pay the NGN 2,000,000 application fee.

These documents are required to accompany your application form:

  • Birth certificate
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Payment receipt for the application fee
  • Bio-data page of international passport
  • An immunisation card/record
  • Last three term’s reports from the current school

3. Assessment

Each applicant for a place will be required to undertake an assessment. For students who are overseas, arrangement for testing can be made with their current school.

4. Assessment feedback

Feedback will be shared with parent(s).

5. Decision process

Below outlines how places are offered at Charterhouse Lagos.

Assessment Place available Outcome
Successful Yes Place offered
Successful No Child placed on waiting list
Unsuccessful * N/A Child can re-apply in 6 months

* We offer clear and constructive advice and feedback to help your child secure a place at Charterhouse Lagos.

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Admission into our Primary School is now open (with boarding option for Years 5 & 6)