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It has been a challenging couple of years for investors in unlisted infrastructure assets. High inflation, rising energy prices, interest rates spikes, and supply chains disruptions have combined to create a volatile macroeconomic environment. Fundraising and dealmaking have slowed considerably.

Yet investments in the asset class have provided strong returns over the past five years, and our analysis shows that fundraising is already recovering from its 2023 low, with dealmaking sure to follow. After all, the need for new and revitalized infrastructure has never been greater. The global infrastructure funding gap will exceed $15 trillion by 2040, according to the World Economic Forum, and estimates of the money needed to slow climate change rise as high as $50 trillion over the next 25 years.

Investors in private infrastructure will play a critical role in meeting these needs. In what follows, we summarize the results of our in-depth analysis of the current and future state of private infrastructure investing, trends in fundraising and dealmaking in three major sectors of the asset class, and investment performance over the past five years. The analysis shows that boosting portfolio companies’ operational performance will be key to improving returns, and our experience suggests three essential tactics to achieving it.

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