Your child’s education

Charterhouse Lagos offers families in Nigeria access to an education of internationally recognised standards, unlike anything else in West Africa.

Inspired by Britain, delivered in Lagos

Through our connection to Charterhouse School, we are able to integrate the best of British schooling into a contemporary education here in Lagos. We retain the valued conventions, such as uniforms and assemblies, and draw on the underlying values and principles that will serve our pupils so well on the global stage.

We will offer an amazing breadth of opportunities for your child to grow and develop.

Privilege, Prestige, Presence

It is a huge privilege for any child to benefit from the amazing educational opportunities offered by Charterhouse Lagos. The prestige of attending the finest school in Lagos offers them an unparalleled advantage to develop and achieve their academic and social potential, and to make a real difference in the world. Their character development will ensure that they bring presence and a Carthusian can-do attitude to every situation.

Our vision at Charterhouse Lagos focuses on promoting academic rigour, developing intellectual curiosity and nurturing in children the ability and desire to learn independently.

Togetherness through kindness and tolerance

At Charterhouse Lagos we are actively committed to providing the highest standards of pastoral care to ensure the wellbeing of all our students.

A school community is defined by its shared values. At Charterhouse Lagos, we believe that compassion, humility, manners and, above all, kindness are essential ingredients in fostering a happy, inclusive and successful school environment. Our pupils will be known for being respectful, tolerant, resilient and emotionally intelligent.

A ‘Home away from Home’ experience for weekly boarders

We offer a world-class boarding experience for Year 5 and 6 students who choose to board, giving them greater access to our amazing facilities. Our boarding mirrors traditionally high UK standards in accordance with the UK’s Boarding Schools Association, Keeping Children Safe in Education, and the National Minimum Standards for Boarding.

A fresh learning dynamic

While we respect certain school traditions, we take a progressive stance when it comes to educational thinking. We are happy to challenge norms in favour of enlightened ideas and evidence-based methods of effective learning. We believe children who are encouraged to have a respectful voice are more engaged in their learning and better prepared to achieve.

At Charterhouse Lagos, we also recognise that we each have a responsibility to reflect upon everything we have been given and strive to make the most of the opportunities available to us in order to live our motto: ‘Deo Dante Dedi’ – God having given, I gave.

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Admission into our Primary School is now open (with boarding option for Years 5 & 6)